Family Meals

In just minutes, you can create fresh, homemade meals the entire family will love. These kid-tested recipes make healthy eating fun, even for young chefs in training.

Brown Rice Grits

This easy-to-make cereal is deliciously sweet when topped with fresh fruit or honey.

Honey Orange Cleanse

This minty-sweet beverage is as healthy as it is refreshing. With orange, radish, mint and honey, it's rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Tuscan Tomato White Bean Soup

Puréed to perfection, white beans lend creaminess to this soup, which is best enjoyed with homemade croutons.

Baby Food Purées

A smooth, homemade version of healthy baby food, featuring whole fruits, vegetables, and proteins.
The Vitamix 5200

The Perfect Machine

The Vitamix 5200 Deluxe offers three containers and two cookbooks.

Food for Thought

Baby Food Recipes

Discover just how easy it is to make fresh, homemade baby food.

5 Creative Ideas for Food Prep with Your Kids

Children love to help, especially in the kitchen, and a child who helps you prepare a dish is much more likely to try it.