Gluten-Free Vitamix Recipes

Whether your diet is gluten-free by choice or necessity, you can take advantage of your Vitamix blender to create fresh, wholesome alternatives to commercial products. Some off-the-shelf, gluten-free foods are heavily processed and so have fewer nutrients than the ones you make at home. Additionally, some processed foods can be higher in calories, fat, and sugar, so you may actually gain weight instead of losing it on a gluten-free diet.

Although many people associate gluten primarily with wheat, it’s important to remember that rye and barley also contain the gluten protein. Fortunately, making your own recipes allows you to control what goes into your food.

Watch a video demonstration to learn how to make flour in your Vitamix machine.

All-Purpose Gluten Free Flour
White rice and two starches stand in for wheat in this all-purpose flour.

Gluten-Free Bean Flour
Beans make a nutritious wheat substitute in this flour.

Apricot Brown Rice Cereal

The sweetness of dried apricots combined with the whole-grain goodness of brown rice.

Quiche with Brown Rice Crust
Brown rice creates a chewy and satisfying crust.