On-the-Go Meals

These quick and easy recipes are made in the S-Series 20-ounce container, and can be packed for an on-the-go breakfast, lunch at the office, or healthy afternoon snack.

Nuts and Grains Breakfast Smoothie

This delicious shake is like having a bowl of oatmeal to go.

Going Green Smoothie

A great introductory recipe to green smoothies with sweet fruits and fresh spinach.

Red Cherry Smoothie

A bright, refreshing smoothie with a trio of cherry ingredients, plus red grapes and fresh strawberries to add a little balance.

Ginger Curry Vinaigrette

This light vinaigrette is delicious over greens or tossed with freshly cooked grains.

The Perfect Machine

The S30 offers a dual-purpose blending container that becomes an instant travel cup.

Food for Thought

Dinner for Two: Quick and Easy Recipe Ideas

These easy meals for two will have you sitting down to a healthy and delicious supper in no time.

A Quick Guide to the Perfect Blend

Follow these quick tips for the perfect blend.