On-the-Go Meals

On-the-Go Meals

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Top 10 Thanksgiving Leftovers Ideas

Orange Cranberry Sauce

With these top 10 Thanksgiving leftover ideas, you might even find yourself buying a bigger turkey.

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Easy Iced Coffee Drink Ideas

Making superior coffee suited for iced coffee requires more than brewing and chilling it.

Top Back-to-School Food Trends

Here are a few simple tricks to present fresh and healthy foods in a fun and eco-friendly way.

Whole Wheat Banana Nut Quick Bread

12 Easy Recipes to Pack for a Picnic

Picnic prep is a breeze with these Vitamix recipes and a handy checklist.

What You Can Make

What You Can Make

You'll be amazed by all this blender can do.


The S30 offers a dual-purpose blending container that becomes an instant travel cup.

Better Blades = Better Blends

Sharp blades become dull over time. So we've designed a blade that's so strong, it doesn't even need to be sharp.