Raw Foods

Enjoy natural, farm-to-table foods in their purest forms. Vitamix helps you create delicious meals while enjoying the benefits of whole, uncooked ingredients.

Mediterranean Soup

The flavors of the Mediterranean sing in this fresh, full-flavored soup that's raw.

Antioxidant Rich Smoothie

An assortment of fruits, greens, and flax seeds to boost your immune system throughout the year.

Japanese Miso-Shiitake Soup

Ani Phyo complements the earthy flavors of shiitake mushrooms with miso and fresh ginger in this vegan Japanese soup.

Coconut Milk

With just two ingredients, you can have coconut milk for soups, smoothies, and baking.
The TurboBlend VS

The Perfect Machine

The TurboBlend VS includes a filtration bag and raw recipes.

Food for Thought

Citrus Recipes in Your Vitamix Blender

Citrus can be as delicious as it is healthy when paired with certain dishes.

Raw Food Recipes and Tips

You will be pleasantly surprised at the selection of raw food recipes that will satisfy the hibernator in you.