Simple Entertaining

Guests will enjoy the natural, authentic flavors of your whole-food creations, and how quickly you’re able to serve them!

Citrus Butter

Orange, lemon, and lime give this butter a light citrus flavor, perfect for steamed vegetables, grilled meats and seafood, or freshly baked French bread.


Our version of this Middle-Eastern dip contains chickpeas, garlic, and raw sesame seeds. It's traditionally served with flatbread, but crackers and tortilla chips are great, too.


Enjoy the fresh taste of this homemade spread in or on top of your baked goods.

Orange Cider Refresher

Orange, pineapple, and honey give traditional apple cider a refreshing twist in this delightful, fireside beverage.
The Professional Series 500 Machine

The Perfect Machine

The Professional Series 500 has pre-programmed settings for walk-away convenience.

Food for Thought

How to Make Flavored Butters

Homemade flavored butters add an artisanal touch to the simplest of meals.

Girls' Night In, Vitamix Style

From dips and cocktails to homemade face masks, these recipes make for the perfect girls’ night in.