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With help from The Quiet One®, Chef Kathy Casey impresses corporate clients with one-of-a-kind drink menus and dining experiences that can’t be outdone.

With the technological advances of The Quiet One, Vitamix is able to reduce the sound of front-of-the-house blending to the decibel level of a quiet conversation.

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Signature Beverages in a Signature Atmosphere


Celebrity chef, mixologist, and entertaining expert Kathy Casey is famous for her signature drinks, amazing events, and top-notch global restaurant consulting. With an ever growing business, she sought a blender that could keep up with her menus without stealing the show.


Casey began using The Quiet One as soon as it was introduced, and has been using and recommending it ever since.


The Quiet One meets Casey’s expectations for quality blends, quieter operation, and reliable performance.

For any restaurant or bar, as much thought goes into creating the right atmosphere as creating the perfect menu. But those efforts seem to be in vain when noisy blending equipment disrupts guests’ conversations and the very atmosphere restaurateurs have worked so hard to create.

Chef and mixologist Kathy Casey had been using Vitamix machines for years in her hospitality consulting business and was familiar with the company and its quality products. When The Quiet One was introduced, Casey was quick to utilize it for her business. "No one likes to hear the roar of a blender," she said. "[The Quiet One] makes a huge difference; it's amazingly more quiet. I recommend it to all my clients for not only its quiet attributes, but also for its workhorse blending capabilities.”

Casey appreciates the versatility of The Quiet One for menu development. Her new recipes include spirited milkshakes, herbal smoothies, blended classic cocktails with a twist, fruit purées, vinaigrettes, and even infused salts and sugars.

"Whether you're mixing up cocktails or preparing menu mise en place, quality kitchen tools, like a reliable blender, are essential," Casey said. “The machine is a powerhouse. Vitamix is known for an amazing blend with smooth, even, and creamy results. You can feel the quality of the machine. I would absolutely recommend them to others."

Chef Kathy Casey is President of Kathy Casey Food Studios - Liquid Kitchen.

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