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Chef Jonathon Sawyer trusts durable, locally manufactured Vitamix machines in the kitchen of his certified green restaurant.

Built by hand in Cleveland, Ohio, Vitamix reduces its carbon footprint by sourcing 70 percent of its components within a 250-mile radius of its corporate headquarters.

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Chef Jonathon Sawyer Chooses Vitamix for its Commitment to Quality and Durability


With a passion for sustainable food sources and everything green, Chef Jonathon Sawyer needed a commercial blender that would remain in his kitchen, not in the landfill.


Sawyer chose the Vitamix XL® and Vita-Prep® machines to create soups, sauces, and emulsifications in his environmentally friendly kitchen.


With national acclaim and adoring patrons, Chef Sawyer’s restaurant continues to serve Cleveland with fresh, natural, locally grown food, prepared in a way his kids will thank him for.

When Jonathon and his wife, Amelia, returned to their hometown of Cleveland, Ohio to open a restaurant, they knew they wanted to design a concept around sustainable, farm-to-table living. That meant sourcing locally grown ingredients, environmentally conscious finishes, and durable kitchen equipment. The Greenhouse Tavern opened in 2009, honored as the first certified green restaurant in the state of Ohio, complete with a rooftop garden to provide the restaurant’s herbs.

When it came to choosing a blender, Sawyer turned to Vitamix. “It’s the most powerful and reliable blender I have ever used,” said Sawyer. “I feel like in kitchens, we’re replacing equipment every two to three years, despite how reliable it is. Vitamix craftsmanship and durability mean it consistently outlives other appliances and supports our firm belief in supporting local economy.”

Chef Sawyer can also trust the performance of his Vitamix machine to maintain the integrity of his craft. The Greenhouse Tavern’s Pastry Chef, Matt Danko, uses the Vitamix XL to create the restaurant’s popular Vegan Chocolate Chestnut Custard. “It contains no dairy at all, but still sets beautifully using a seaweed extract called carrageenan and agar, emulsified in the Vitamix blender,” said Sawyer.

The Greenhouse Tavern was recently named one of the top ten best new restaurants in the U.S. by Bon Appetit magazine. Sawyer has appeared on Food Network’s Iron Chef America and Dinner Impossible, and has been recognized as one of Food & Wine’s Best New Chefs. In addition to The Greenhouse Tavern, Sawyer also owns two locations of Noodlecat in Cleveland, offering his modern take on classic Asian cuisine.

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