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Crimson Cup, a coffee consulting firm, recommends The Quiet One® to help its clients succeed in a competitive market.

The Quiet One is used by the world’s leading coffee chains and small independents alike, to deliver consistent blends with best-in-class quiet blending technology.

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Helping Coffee Shops Protect Their Customer Experience


A consultant to independent coffee shop owners was receiving complaints that noisy blenders were ruining the quiet atmosphere and hurting their customer experience.


Customers replaced blending equipment with the best-in-class quiet blending technology of The Quiet One.


The shops’ quiet ambiance is maintained, and shop owners are enjoying the cost savings of more reliable equipment.

The self-described “coffee geeks” at Crimson Cup are passionate about coffee. They travel the world to find the finest beans, hand roast them at their Columbus, Ohio headquarters, and deliver them to hundreds of independent coffee shops across the country. In addition to providing their customers with the best beans, they also help them with everything they need to run a successful independent coffee shop, from site selection, to consulting on operations and design, to making sure they have the best possible equipment.

“Our success depends on our customers’ success, so we research the best-of-the-best that’s on the market at any given time before recommending anything,” said Joe Blankenship, Crimson Cup project and service manager. One product that Joe has been recommending consistently since it came on the market is The Quiet One® from Vitamix. “Before The Quiet One, all of our coffee houses were calling me and complaining that their customers could not have a conversation in their coffee house. Every time the blender would start running, the customers would have to stop talking. That’s a problem. That’s why you go to a coffee house—to have a conversation. It’s a meeting place. You can’t have a noisy blender disrupting the ambiance.”

The Quiet One, which operates at about the same decibel level as a normal conversation, solved that problem. Joe knew it would be a hit the first time he used it in Crimson Cup’s own coffee shop while his boss was meeting with a customer just a few feet away. “The coolest thing happened,” said Joe. “I walked over and handed him the two drinks and he said, ‘Where did these come from? Thank you!’ I thought, ‘I just made them behind the counter a few feet from you and you didn’t even notice!’”

Now Joe recommends The Quiet One to all of his customers. In addition to its quiet operation and consistent performance, Joe says another benefit is The Quiet One’s program options. Joe programs his customers’ signature beverages into their machines so operators can create drinks with the simple touch of a button.

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