See how Vitamix can reduce costs and increase profits for your business.
Quality. Creating smoother, quieter blends in a single cycle and global consistency across thousands of chain locations
The percentage of chunk-free blends in third party testing
That means zero Vitamix smoothies had to be re-blended
35% Providing at least 35% faster service and 100% satisfied customers.
3 dBA At its loudest, The Quiet One is just 3dBA above a normal conversation
4x ...up to 4 times quieter than the competition
Usability. Intuitive controls, pre-programmed settings, and patented designs virtually eliminate user error and improve speed of service
:08 vs :17 The patented Advance Container poured thick shakes up to 50% faster during third party testing.
:10 vs 2:40 Time spent disassembling a Vitamix for cleaning versus the competition
Durability. Premium equipment delivers low maintenance costs and maximum up-time
<0.05 Over 5 years, a leading national coffee chain made repairs to less that 5% of its 1,500 machines and replaced zero containers
The Vitamix runs 30% cooler than the competition to extend the life of the motor.
Cycle count restrictions void other warranties in as little as 9 months, but Vitamix covers its machines for 36.
$0 That means zero dollars spent on key components like containers and motors for 3 full years.
Compare. Since consumable parts are covered by the Vitamix warranty for 3 years, we can calculate your average cost per blend with just 2 basic numbers
Cost Per Blend Operating Assumptions
Average Cost Per Blend

Calculating the average cost per blend

Operating analysis

Days Per Year 365
Blends Per Day X  45
Blends Per Year 16,425

Year 5 total cost of ownership of a Commercial Vitamix

Blender Purchase Price $1100
Maintenance Costs + $39.025
Total Blends ÷ 82,125
Cost Per Blend $0.014*

Profit Analysis

Average Price Per Blend $4.40
Average Cost Per Blend - $1.40
Average Profit Per Blend $3.00
Total 5 Year Profit $245,236

*Based on typical high volume usage

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