The Vitamix
Total Cost of Ownership

Total Cost of Ownership

See how Vitamix can reduce costs and increase profits for your business.



Creating smoother, quieter blends in a single cycle and global consistency across thousands of chain locations.

100% Chunk Free Blends

Vitamix machines offer 100% chunk-free blends unlike our competition where re-blending was required 50% of the time*. 100% chunk free means that only one blend is necessary meaning faster more consistent results. Our customers have seen up to a 35% faster service time when they switched to Vitamix.

Only 3dBA

3dBA – At its loudest, The Quiet One® is just 3dBA above a normal conversation.*



Intuitive controls, pre-programmed settings, and patented designs virtually eliminate user error and improve speed of service.

Faster Pouring

The patented Advance® Container poured thick shakes in 8 seconds compared to the competition who took 17 seconds. That’s up to a 50% faster pour.*

Faster Cleaning

The Vitamix is extremely easy and fast to clean. The time spent disassembling and cleaning a Vitamix takes 10 seconds compared to the competition, which can take up to almost 3 minutes!*



Premium equipment delivers low maintenance costs and maximum up time.


Over a 5 year period our customers have needed to make repairs to less than 5% of their over 1,200 machines and replaced zero containers.**


The Vitamix runs 30% cooler than the competition resulting in a machine that will stand the test of time.*


Some warranties limit based on cycle count. This can mean your warranty runs out in as little as 9 months depending on how much you use it. Every Vitamix comes with a 3 year warranty that has no restriction on how many times you use your blenders.*** That means $0 dollars spent on key components like motors for a full 3 years no matter how much you use it.

*      Third party testing provided by OnSpex™
**     Data provided by national Vitamix client
***   Data provided by national Vitamix client



Since consumable parts are covered by Vitamix warranty for 3 years, we can calculate your average cost per blend with just 2 basic numbers.

Operating Assumptions

  • Blends per year 16,425 (45 per day, based on typical high volume usage.)
  • 5-Year Blender cost $1,139
  • $1,139 / 16,425 / 5 Years = $0.014 Average Cost Per Blend