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Holiday Treats Without the Hassle

With the winter months moving in, it’s never too early tolearn new holiday recipes to make the entertaining seasoneasier. With only a few ingredients, you can create healthydrinks, dips and desserts, leaving you more time to socializewith family and friends at your next soiree.

Making the Most of Local Produce

Now is the prime of fresh, local produce season, and the perfect time to take part in the farm-to-table movement. Whether you join a community supported agriculture (CSA) group or shop for fresh produce at your local farmers’ market, it’s easy to see – and taste – how the fruits (and vegetables) of a regional farmer’s labor are the freshest. As time goes on, and the bags get bigger and brighter, you may need to get creative to extend the life and use of your weekly bounty.

Boost Your Energy for Back to School

It’s time to gear up for the start of a new school year. That means buying supplies and clothes, coordinating work, class and activity schedules, and adjusting to new routines. All the preparations can leave you feeling drained, but with the proper fuel, you can ensure both you and your children have the energy needed to ace each day.

How to Snack Better Combat Hunger Between Meals

With snacking on the rise, healthy eating is often a challenge. However, when done in moderation with nutritious options, grazing can help you maintain energy throughout the day and ensure your body gets the calories and nutrients it needs. To nosh the sensible way, follow these simple tips.

Summer Entertaining Ideas to Keep Your Cool

With summer quickly approaching, hosting warm-weather gatherings is a perfect way to spend time with friends and family. Keep stress away and make planning a breeze by following these four simple tips for a perfect summer soiree that both you and your guests will enjoy.

Domestic Bliss: Five Fabulous Wedding Registry Upgrades

Getting ready to say “I do?” Of all the tasks in preparation for your big day, one of the most fun activities is creating your wedding registry. Here are a few items any couple would be thrilled to receive and enjoy.