5 Party-Pleasing Vegan Appetizers

Your Vitamix machine can help you whip up crowd-pleasing appetizers in record time. Whatever the occasion, the unique blending action of a Vitamix machine enhance the herbs and spices in these flavorful starters.

  1. Try Roasted Red Pepper Hummus served with crudités or grilled pita bread pieces, or spread it on a whole-wheat wrap, filled with veggies.
  2. The Chipotle Peanut Sauce is an Asian-inspired topping, ideal for homemade Pad Thai or as a sauce for chicken wings for entertaining guests.
  3. Extend the spicy flavors with sweet-hot Mango Salsa, also perfect with chips.
  4. For something unexpected, serve Carrot Ginger Tofu Soup in mini mugs with a side of sesame crackers for dipping.
  5. Finally, bring a vibrant flavor profile to the party with Thai Spring Rolls with Dipping Sauce, featuring collard greens wraps and a spicy peanut sauce.

All these appetizers can be made ahead and refrigerated, giving you plenty of time for other tasks on party day. But food prep and clean-up are so easy with a Vitamix machine, last-minute soirées are worry-free, too.

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