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Turn Your Smoothie Into a Delicious Adult Cocktail

06/01/2016 | By: Vitamix

Kick your smoothie up a notch with these helpful tips.

Tags: smoothie, cocktail, beverage, berry, alcohol, agave

Trend Watch: Whiskey Craft Cocktails

02/01/2016 | By: Vitamix

Whether your guests favor the sweetness of bourbon, the smokiness of scotch or the austere sharpness of rye, this is your time to shine.

Tags: whiskey, mixologist, infusing, entertaining, cocktail, beverage, bartender, bar, alcohol

Champagne Cocktails to Ring in the New Year

01/01/2016 | By: Vitamix

With just a few extra ingredients, you can create unique champagne cocktails to ring in the New Year.

Tags: wine, new-year, entertaining, cocktail, champagne, beverage, alcohol

Festive, Edible Rims for Your Cocktails

| By: Vitamix

Transform your homemade cocktail into a presentation worthy of a high-end restaurant.

Tags: peppermint, entertaining, cocktail, christmas, beverage, bartender, alcohol

The Perfect Mojito Recipe

There’s nothing quite like a cool, minty mojito on a hot summer day, but this classic cocktail is notoriously time consuming and labor intensive to make. Watch how the Aer disc container quickly muddles and chills the cocktail without puréeing the ingredients, saving you time and making clean-up a breeze. Cheers!

Category: Exploration Tags: summer, mint, cocktail, alcohol

Results: 1-6 of 6