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5 Frozen Fruit Desserts Perfect For a Hot Summer Day

06/01/2016 | By: Vitamix

Cool off this summer with a homemade frozen treat made in your Vitamix blender.

Category: Exploration Tags: vegan, summer, sorbet, milkshake, kid-friendly, ice-cream, family, demonstration, dairy-free, almond

Making Granitas with Whole-Fruit Juice

06/01/2016 | By: Vitamix

Serve granitas as a dessert or palate cleanser at your next soirée.

Tags: whole-food, sorbet, juice, granita, entertaining, dessert

How to Plan an Ice Cream Social

05/01/2016 | By: Vitamix

The only thing better than making homemade ice cream is learning how to plan an ice cream social so that you can share the joy.

Tags: kid-friendly, easy, sorbet, quick, dairy-free, homemade, entertaining, ice-cream

Kid Friendly Recipes

04/01/2016 | By: Vitamix

Experiment with these recipes that will suit the tastes of both you and your kids

Tags: sorbet, dessert, dinner, pizza, kid-friendly, family, sweet-potato

No-Bake Thanksgiving Desserts

11/01/2015 | By: Vitamix

These no-bake Thanksgiving desserts are sure to delight you and your guests.

Category: Exploration Tags: sorbet, thanksgiving, ice-cream, entertaining, dessert, chocolate, avocado

Results: 1-5 of 5