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How to Present New Menu Ideas to the Head Chef

07/01/2016 | By: Jim Berman

Before you present menu ideas to the head chef, cover these bases.

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Fast Casual Restaurants: How to Embrace the Trend

06/29/2016 | By: Brian Murphy

Fast casual restaurants are growing in popularity. Here's why.

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Menu Design 101: Is Your Restaurant's Menu the Right Size?

06/23/2016 | By: Erik Mathes

These tips will help you optimize your menu design for size.

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Advice for the Aspiring Chef: How to Earn Respect in the Kitchen

06/21/2016 | By: Mary Luz Mejia

Here are some tips for aspiring chefs on earning respect in the kitchen.

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Beyond the Cronut: Hybrid Dessert Ideas

03/14/2016 | By: Vitamix

Blend two desserts into one to create something new, and sweeten your bottom line by using ingredients you already have on hand.

Category: Make That Tags: restaurant, ice-cream, front-of-house, dessert, chocolate, cherry, chef, cheesecake, baking, back-of-house

Results: 1-5 of 5