Accelerate™ Container

Accelerate™ Container

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Accelerate™ Container



The Accelerate™ Container was designed to work with the Quick & Quiet™ to reduce blend times by 30% or more. It easily processes both low and high volume blends, resulting in time and cost savings, reduced noise, and longer container life. *This is the only container compatible with the Quick and Quiet™.

Easy to Clean

The container and lid are both dishwasher-safe or can be cleaned by blending a drop of dish soap and warm water for 35 seconds. 

Product Design

The improved spout design and innovative handle improves the pouring experience and nests while stacking. With the ergonomically designed lower handle, the Accelerate container improves hand position and reduces stress on employees' wrists.

Blade Assembly

The container's new dual stainless-steel, laser cut advance blades feature a metal insert stabilizer designed to match a changing industry.

Smart Technology

Equipped with NFC smart technology to help customers track container life, and keep preventative manintence up to date.

Durable Materials

Made of BPA-free, shatter-proof Tritan.

What comes in the box

  • Clear Container & Splash Lid

The Accelerate™ Container is baked by a one-year, or 120-hour warranty (whichever comes first) on material and workmanship. For more information regarding this warranty, please contact your local dealer or a Vitamix service representative at 800.886.5235. Note: Outside the U.S., refer all warranty inquiries to your in-country Vitamix distributor.