Immersi-Prep™ 14 Wand

Immersi-Prep™ 14 Wand

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Immersi-Prep™ 14 Wand



Easy to Clean

The 14-inch, detachable stainless steel blending shaft is dishwasher-safe allowing for quick and easy cleanup in the kitchen.

Innovative Bell Guard

The bell guard’s innovative design protects the  blades from damage and reduces suction, so ingredients flow easily through the blades, preventing clogging and messy splashes.

Simple Storage

The Wand attachment can be stored on the Immersi-Prep ™ Wall Mount accessory. Either attached to the motor base, or hanging on its own, it allows for easy, simple storage in between blending.

Build To Last

The Immersi Prep Wand is crafted with durable materials and built to withstand heavy kitchen use and back to back blending.

What comes in the box

  • Immersi Prep Blending Wand

The warranty for the Immersi-Prep™ 14 Wand is backed by a one-year warranty.

For more information regarding this warranty, please contact your local dealer or a Vitamix service representative at 800.886.5235.

Note: Outside the U.S., refer all warranty inquiries to your in-country Vitamix distributor.