Immersi-Prep™ Whisk

Immersi-Prep™ Whisk

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Immersi-Prep™ Whisk



The Immersi-Prep ™ Whisk attachment features detachable and dishwasher-safe beaters, allowing users to whip up to 10 gallons of blends, mixes and more, backed by a one-year warranty. 

Easy to Clean

Detachable and dishwaser safe beaters.


The Whisk attachment is meant to be paired with the Immersi-Prep™ 14 motor base, and easily interchangeable with the Immersi-Prep ™ 14 Wand. 

Simple Storage

The Whisk attachment can be stored on the Immersi-Prep ™ Wall Mount accessory. Either attached to the motor base, or hanging on its own, it allows for easy, simple storage in between blending. 

Build To Last 

The Immersi-Prep™ Whisk is crafted with durable materials and built to withstand heavy kitchen use.

What comes in the box

  • Whisk


The warranty for the Immersi-Prep™ Whisk is backed by  one-year warranty. For more information regarding this warranty, please contact your local dealer or a Vitamix service representative at 800.886.5235. Note: Outside the U.S., refer all warranty inquiries to your in-country Vitamix distributor.