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The Rinse-O-Matic is the most efficient way to rinse stubborn residue from blender containers. Simply place your container upside down, press the activator into each corner, and let the water do the work.

Easy To Install

The Rinse-O-Matic is designed to take the effort out of cleaning. Suction cups at the base hold it firmly in the sink to prevent movement during operation, providing a secure solution for cleaning your blender containers. Suction cups at the base of the Rinse-O-Matic anchor it to the bottom of the sink. Quick disconnect fittings connect to the water source.

Fast and Efficient

Rinse-O-Matic washes away stubborn residue in seconds. Simply place your container upside down on the Rinse-O-Matic, press down on the activator, and let the water do the work. Water usage is minimized because the spray is on only when pressure is applied to the plunger.

Powerful Spray

The Rinse-O-Matic generates a powerful spray that forcefully removes residue. Angled spray nozzles are designed to reach all the corners of the container and under the blade.

Built to Last

The Rinse-O-Matic is built to last. Made of durable ABS plastic, it’s verified to perform more than one million cycles, so you can trust it to be there for you today and for years to come.


We know that blender containers come in all shapes and sizes, that’s why we designed the Rinse-O-Matic to effectively clean containers from most manufacturers that hold up to 64 ounces of volume.


The Rinse-O-Matic is backed by a one-year limited warranty. For more information regarding this warranty, please contact your Vitamix distributor at 905.363.0309 or toll-free at 800.668.8765.

Note: Outside Canada, refer all warranty inquiries to your in-country Vitamix distributor.