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Perfectly Purple

Pink and purple blends can appeal to even the pickiest eaters, so try these recipes that'll turn your Vitamix violet.

The Smoothest Smoothies

Watch a Vitamix turn tough, fibrous, and frozen ingredients into perfectly smooth blends in seconds.

Sweet and Spicy Beet Spread

This easy-to-make spread packs a bit of a kick and tastes even better than it looks.

Blackberry Beet Smoothie Bowl

Whip up this satisfying smoothie bowl and top it with your favourite fruit, granola, or seeds.

Going Green

We're always looking for creative ways to go beyond green smoothies and showcase the flavor potential of green veggies.

Turn Up the Heat

Did you know that Vitamix blender blades spin fast enough to turn fresh ingredients into steaming-hot soup in about 7 minutes?

Spring Soup

Celebrate the fresh flavors of spring with this vibrant, veggie-centric soup.

Pea Guacamole

A fresh spring spin on one of our favourite classic dips. Pairs perfectly with radish, carrot, or celery sticks.

Keep it Simple and Eat the Rainbow

While we are inundated everyday with "healthy eating" trends and fads, the scientific evidence on this topic continues to point to one simple concept that most of us don't do: Eat the Rainbow.

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5 Healthy Delicious Smoothie Toppings

Here are five healthy, delicious toppings that'll add flavor, texture, and superfoods to your blended drink!

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Anything-But-Mellow Yellow

These blends don't just look great on a plate, yellow fruits and veggies are loaded with essential nutrients.

Fine-Tuned Texture

Nailing the right texture can make or break a meal -- with Vitamix you can make chunky salsa, velvety purees, and everything in between.

Pineapple Salsa

Sweet and tangy with a bit of a kick, it'll be hard to stop snacking on this dip.

Mango Basil Freeze

Sweet mango pairs with an herbaceous finish in this fruity treat.

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