Certified Reconditioning Process

Reconditioning Process

The title “Vitamix Certified Reconditioned machine” must be earned.

Only a select few machines will pass the rigorous inspection detailed below. A significant scratch on the blender base, an unusual sound from the motor, or a date stamp more than five years old will automatically disqualify a machine, requiring it to be recycled.

Once a machine has been reconditioned, two additional quality control inspections are performed before it’s shipped to you. And when you join the Vitamix family, you’ll get more than a blender. You’ll enjoy access to free, unlimited customer support, recipes from our culinary team, and a community of Vitamix enthusiasts on our social networks.

17-Point Checklist

Blender Base

  • Blender base exterior is free of significant scratches and chips on all four sides
  • Four rubber feet are present and in-tact
  • Six-foot power cord is inspected and secured properly with clips
  • Switches are clean and operational
  • Faceplate label is present and free of scratches
  • Rubber centering pad is in-tact and free of significant scratches or wear

Motor and Control Panel

  • Variable Speed Dial is functional and responsive (when applicable)
  • High/Low speeds are functional (when applicable)
  • Pulse is functional (when applicable)
  • Pre-Programmed settings are functional (when applicable)
  • On/Off is functional
  • Start/Stop is functional (when applicable)


  • Blade is less than one year old, free of rust, dull edges, and any signs of damage, or is replaced with a new part
  • Blade assembly rotates easily with slight, even resistance
  • Blade is sanitized in high-temperature dishwasher and placed in new container shell
  • New container shows proper coupling and blade balance when placed on blender base

New Components

  • Every Certified Reconditioned Machine comes with a brand new cookbook package, container shell, two-part lid, and tamper
  • Any component above that does not pass inspection is replaced with a brand new part. If a part cannot be replaced, the entire unit is recycled.
  •  Occasionally, due to Vitamix inventory levels, Vitamix may ship a new blender to a customer who has purchased a Certified Reconditioned machine.