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3 Beautiful Recipes to Celebrate Springtime


For home cooks, spring is the most exciting time of year. After a few wintry months of root vegetables and rich, comforting food, we finally see the new shoots and leaves of springtime, unveiling a whole new bounty of produce to cook with. British asparagus, broad beans, peas, wild mushrooms, spring onions, leeks, spinach, watercress – for the seasonal foodie, there’s no better time to get cooking.


Of course, it pays to put these newly seasonal vegetables in the spotlight the first chance we can. It’s a great way to celebrate spring and means lots of new flavours hitting your plate. The three recipes below show you how a Vitamix can take these springtime ingredients and turn them into seasonal suppers with ease.

Asian Asparagus Salad

British asparagus is the best in the world, but its short season means we only get it for a couple of months every year. Let it shine in this fresh, simple salad, which sees the spears steamed with green and broad beans which are all dressed in an Asian-inspired ginger and sesame dressing, blended to the perfect smooth consistency in the Vitamix. You could serve this as a light lunch or as a side for dinner.

Spring Soup

By taking some of spring’s most flavourful vegetables and bringing them all together in a smooth soup, you can really capture the taste of the season in just one bowl. Leeks, spring onions, spinach leaves, potatoes and watercress are blitzed together in the Vitamix to create a fresh, bright bowl of everything that's good about springtime.

Spinach Pasta Dough

There’s simply no substitute for homemade pasta – its silky richness is the perfect example of how Italians can take a few good ingredients and transform them into something astounding. Seeing as spinach comes into its own in spring, it’s worth adding some into your pasta dough – blitzed together in the Vitamix – to not only flavour your fettuccine but to add an incredible colour too.

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