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Top 5 Power Food Recipes

Peach Soya Sherbet

Use your Vitamix Blender to try these Power Food Recipes

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Healing Homemade Hair Masks

Use your Vitamix machine to create healing homemade hair masks that revitalise your locks.

5 Ways to Use Avocado in Your Recipes

Avocados are an incredibly versatile fruit. Try these vegan avocado recipes and exeperience all that avocados have to offer.

Power-Packed Smoothie Recipes

When cold weather sets in, it’s time to focus on smoothies that are brimming with antioxidants.

What You Can Make

What You Can Make

You'll be amazed by all this blender can do.
Total Nutrition Center

Total Nutrition Center

The Vitamix Total Nutrition Center quickly blends whole foods for a refreshing smoothie.

Better Blades = Better Blends

Sharp blades become dull over time. So we've designed a blade that's so strong, it doesn't even need to be sharp.