Why Choose Vitamix?

Vitamix has a passion for food and nutrition that borders near obsession. For over 90 years, the company has been focused on the detail, which is why they set themselves apart from the competition. The difference isn’t just in the quality of Vitamix products, but in the quality and versatility of the blends. With a range of speeds and pre-set programmes, you can fine-tune every texture, from silky smooth purees to chunky salsa and stubborn blends like peanut butter – with no scraping required!  Read More

Vitamix® Introduces the S30, a Versatile, Portable Machine Offering High-Peformance Blending

Vitamix, a world leader in professional-grade blending equipment for home and commercial use, presents the S30—the first high-performance personal blender from the brand trusted by consumers and professional chefs alike. Read More

Non-Dairy Milks Made Easily in a Vitamix Blender

Whether you suffer from a dairy intolerance, are concerned about additives in shop bought products or have simply run out of milk for your morning coffee, homemade milk alternatives are a fantastic substitute to the traditional dairy kind. Its possible to make from scratch a fresh almond, cashew, coconut, oat, rice or soy milk in moments with a blender from the Vitamix range. Read More

Hatch the perfect Easter celebration with Vitamix®

With the arrival of spring and a new season of produce missed throughout the winter, the possibilities for creating fresh, flavourful and seasonal dishes are on the up! Read More