Silky Smooth Salad Dressings

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, it’s time to bring salads back to the table. With more and more exotic, unusual and healthy ingredients available, it’s easy to make exciting salads. Why not add further variety to your salad with a homemade dressing?

With a Vitamix blender you can create healthier dressings, using fresh ingredients. The Vitamix container works to create a smoother blend through the uniquely controlled vortex system which folds ingredients back to the blades. Also the ingredients emulsify, so you won’t have to stir or re-blend the dressing if you have leftovers. What’s more, as the blenders in the Vitamix range are so easy to clean, you won’t be stuck in the kitchen washing up. Simply half fill with warm water and blend with a drop of washing up liquid, then rinse.

Try these dressings in your Vitamix today!

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