Ah, the modest, unassuming bean, staple of the pantry, workhorse of the kitchen. The Vitamix machine can help your bean dishes shine, not only in familiar soups, but in dips and sauces, and even as a gluten-free flour. The recipes below feature black beans, chickpeas, and kidney beans, but feel free to experiment with other varieties.

Black Bean Soup
A creamy base of both black beans and chickpeas, enlivened with cumin, garlic, lime, and jalapeño, and garnished with whole beans and colourful red and yellow peppers. 

Minestrone Soup 
Bright vegetables and a pair of beans, kidney and chickpeas, combine with tomatoes and Italian spices to produce this traditional favourite. 

Black Bean and Jalapeño Sauce 
Black beans go south of the border for a spicy sauce that pairs well with tortilla-based dishes like gorditas and can also serve as a dip. 

Spicy Hummus 
Garbanzo beans are the star of this zesty dip, with garlic, lemon, and hot sauce to ramp up the flavour.