One of the easiest and most distinctive ways to make a meal or side dish special is by adding your own homemade condiments. Besides being a classic sandwich spread, homemade mayonnaise can be tossed with coleslaws and chicken spreads, served with seafood, or used as a base for tartar sauce.

Often recommended for seafood, aioli (a garlicky Provençal mayonnaise) and its variants are also tasty with roasted vegetables, but you can use your imagination–perhaps a snappy wasabi aioli for spring rolls, or a chipotle version to top a beef burger.

The only trick to a successful mayonnaise is having your ingredients at room temperature, and always using pasteurized eggs or an egg substitute.

Here are some classic recipes to get you started, then add your own mix of herbs and seasonings to customize your dish.

Try a Middle Eastern mix of mint and cumin, an Asian blend with hoisin sauce, or a spicy Cuban mayo with chipotle seasonings.

Basic Mayo Recipes