A busy lifestyle can be streamlined with make-ahead smoothie packs in a variety of whole-food combinations. Just wash, chop, measure, and bag smoothie ingredients together and place them in the fridge or freezer on Sunday night. Then just add them with liquid or ice to your Vitamix container and blend for a quick breakfast or afternoon snack throughout the week.

For easy grab-and-go assembly, place several smoothie packs on the same shelf of your refrigerator or freezer. If desired, place your chosen recipe next to your Vitamix machine, along with travel mugs and napkins. This strategy is particularly helpful for older children, who may arrive home before adult family members, hungry at the end of their school day or playing sport.

Here are a few recipes well suited for make-ahead smoothie packs:

Fruit Salad Smoothie
Everything Smoothie
Strawberry Grape Smoothie
Going Green Smoothie
All Green Smoothie

With a little preparation, anyone can easily whip up a whole-food smoothie in just a few steps, making it easier to enjoy more fruit and vegetables every day.