When you’re hosting a party, dips can be your best friend because they pair up so well with any number of accompaniments: pretzels, veggies, crackers, pitas, and crisps of all kinds. These Vitamix dips are so versatile that leftovers can also serve as flavourful sauces or garnishes for your main dinner entrées for the following week.  

With a little forethought, you can have your dip and eat it, too. Enjoy a few of our favourite dip recipes below, with our suggestions for how to turn them into simple weeknight entrées. Watch a video demonstration to master the technique.

Avocado Yoghurt Sauce 
Classic guacamole ingredients - garlic, lime, jalapeño, coriander - are made cool and creamy with yoghurt. Perfect the next day as a fajita sauce.  

Pineapple Salsa 
Pineapple adds tropical flair to a traditional salsa dip, then shines its flavour on fish tacos.  

Spicy Hummus 
When the party’s over, this hummus makes a fabulous spread for a sandwich or a pita wrap. 

Tropical Avocado Salsa 
Salsa meets guacamole at a party. The attraction is immediate, and they meet again the next evening as a spicy sauce for grilled chicken. 

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