Cooking Christmas dinner can be a bit daunting, with all the different elements stretching your time and energy. See how a Vitamix can do plenty of the hard work for you without compromising on quality.

Piling your plate high with roast spuds, delicious veg, a double helping of turkey and a torrent of gravy is one of the best things about Christmas Day. But if you’re the one preparing dinner, it can turn what should be a fun, relaxing occasion into something incredibly stressful. With the oven at full capacity, all the hobs heating various pans and every inch of countertop space taken up by ingredients, it takes a very organised cook to pull off Christmas dinner without a hitch.

Being able to plan ahead and make as much as you can in advance will make the big day much easier to manage. Take a look at how a Vitamix high performance blender can act as a sous chef in your own home, taking the pressure off and bringing a bit of yuletide joy back into the kitchen.


With such a huge main course to tackle, it’s best to keep the starter simple. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring, or look as if you’ve put little effort into it. A smoked salmon mousse can be whipped up in a  Vitamix in minutes the day before, before being plated up and kept in the fridge – just take it out fifteen minutes before serving. Perhaps you’d prefer a hot starter, in which case soup is a great choice. Try preparing a very festive creamy chestnut soup, or go for the classic Stilton and broccoli. Again, these can be blended until super-smooth in the Vitamix, then gently reheated when you’re ready to serve.


All too often left as an afterthought, a good stuffing can become the talking point of a Christmas dinner, mopping up all that delicious gravy. Whether you’re planning to actually stuff the bird with it or prefer to bake it separately, it’s where you can be the most creative. Dried fruits, bacon, sautéed leeks, breadcrumbs – whatever you like to include in your stuffing, it’s incredibly useful being able to place all the ingredients in a Vitamix and let it do its thing. You can keep it chunky with plenty of textures by pulsing everything until combined, or create something smoother and more uniform by letting the blades run for a little longer.

Rubs and marinades

The key to making your Christmas turkey really stand out from the crowd is to marinade or dry-rub it before cooking. Not only does this help bring out the flavour of the succulent meat, it can also help keep it moist and allows you to add your own favourite herbs and spices into the mix. Blitzing all the ingredients together in the Vitamix ensures they’re perfectly combined, resulting in an even, uniform paste or spice mix that you can flavour your bird with.


While festive biscuits aren’t seen as an essential part of a traditional Christmas dinner, they’ll certainly earn you some culinary brownie points if you bring out a tray fresh from the oven during the post-dinner slump in front of the TV. Mixing up the dough is a doddle in the Vitamix, and makes a fresh batch of gingersnap biscuits almost effortless. Serving a cheese course? Try making your own crackers for a seriously impressive spread.