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Our Ultimate Menu for Family Easter Feasting

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A roast is a common sight at British dinner tables on any given Sunday, but when it’s Easter Sunday it has to be lamb that gets served up. Most people tend to buy a leg or shoulder, stud it with garlic and rosemary and slow-cook it until it’s meltingly tender; with some roast spuds, seasonal greens and mint sauce on the side, it’s a quintessential British treat.

But the same meal year after year can get a bit tiring, and sometimes it’s good to switch things up a little. That’s why we’ve put together an alternative three-course Easter menu that, with the help of a Vitamix, is simple and quick to prepare. It still celebrates lamb in all its glory but with a Middle Eastern twist – and there’s a very traditional dessert for afters.


Courgette and Sumac Baba Ganoush

Traditionally, baba ganoush is a dip made from the charred, blackened flesh of an aubergine mixed with garlic and lemon juice. Here the aubergine is joined by courgettes, which are all placed over an open flame and charred until the exterior is blackened and the insides soft and cooked through. They’re then peeled, drained and added to the Vitamix alongside the rest of the ingredients. Serve with pitta breads and crudités for the perfect starter.


Date and Pine Nut Rolled Lamb Belly

Lamb belly is a woefully underused cut that’s full of flavour, so give it the attention it deserves this Easter. It’s perfect for stuffing, as you can roll it around a filling easily, and the fat crisps up wonderfully in the oven. Here the belly is stuffed with a Middle Eastern mix of pine nuts, dates, mint, parsley, lemon zest and ras el hanout – all blitzed together in the Vitamix. You can either serve it with the baba ganoush mentioned above (if you don’t want a starter), or cook some rice as a side dish.


Hot Cross Buns

It simply isn’t Easter without some hot cross buns to nibble on after the Sunday roast, but we all too often buy them ready-made instead of baking our own. They’re actually easier to make than you might think – the dough is a doddle to make in a Vitamix, and then it’s just a case of waiting for the buns to rise, piping a cross on top, baking and then glazing with a little marmalade.

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