When mums all over the world are asked about their ultimate gift it isn’t wine, roses, or chocolates – it’s time. And while giving the gift of time might seem impossible – with Vitamix®, you can. Mum is one of the most important people in our lives – she does so much and deserves the very best.

So, this Mother’s Day, choose the gift that allows mum to have it all: a true high-performance blender that makes healthy, delicious meals in minutes. This Mother’s Day, choose Vitamix.

Save Mum Time

Vitamix is no ordinary blender. In fact, a Vitamix machine can perform more than 10 culinary techniques, saving you time on everything from prep to cooking to clean up.

Vitamix blenders turn nuts into butters, wheat into flour, makes soup without a stove and sorbet without a freezer. From vanilla ice cream in 30 seconds to peanut butter in 90 seconds or Thai Ginger Soup with Cashews in under 10 minutes, a Vitamix blender may well be the only kitchen appliance mum needs.


Mum will love owning a high-performance blender - not only because it allows her to make healthy food quickly and easily – but also because it practically cleans itself.

Just add water, a drop of dishwashing liquid and turn the dial – and voila! The washing up is all done. More time for mum. Plus, it’s dishwasher safe.

Smart Technology for Tech-Savvy Mums

Meet the new Vitamix Ascent® Series high-performance blender, where sleek design meets revolutionary smart technology.

The Ascent Series is beyond smart. With wireless connectivity SELF-DETECT technology, the blender is ready to connect and evolve, while interlock technology prevents the machine from operating if the lid or container is not secure. It knows which container you’re using, and automatically adjusts the setting to get the best blend.

When your mum deserves the latest technology, look no further than a Vitamix Ascent Series blender.

Dependable Not Disposable

Don’t waste money on a blender that may break in 12 months – invest in a high-performance blender backed by a 10-year warranty.

When designing the new Ascent Series, Vitamix drew on 90+ years of engineering to create the next generation of high-performance blenders. They feature a metal blade system with laser-cut steel blades that are honed to pulverize, not slice, creating a superb blend quality year after year.

Get the most value out of your kitchen appliances by spending a little more upfront to enjoy long-term convenience in your kitchen. Vitamix can help you produce the perfect blend from whole foods - every course, every meal, every day.