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Chef Ryan Swift

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To achieve dishes that incorporate fresh, seasonal ingredients and are packed full of flavour, Chef Ryan Swift and his team of 12 at Peel’s, located in the luxurious Hampton Manor, rely on the Vita-Prep® 3 in the kitchen. 

The Vita-Prep 3 is coveted by chefs and culinary professionals for its ability to deliver consistent results, whilst giving them complete creative control over flavour and texture.

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Fine-tuning Textures in the Vita-Prep 3


After having worked with substandard blending equipment, Chef Ryan Swift needed an appliance that could create the fine textures and consistencies needed for his purées and veloutés.


Swift began using the Vita-Prep 3, a machine coveted by professionals for its extreme power and versatility in the kitchen.


Hampton Manor’s cuisine appeals to foodies and non-foodies alike, with a variety of dishes that use locally-sourced, fresh ingredients. By using Vitamix blenders, Swift and his team are able to deliver the hotel’s “best of British” menu with consistent, high-quality results.

Originally recorded in the Domesday Book in 1066, Hampton Manor Estate became home to Hampton Manor in 1855. Combining traditional charm with contemporary chic, the jewel in Hampton Manor’s crown is its public and private dining areas. A popular venue for weddings and celebrations, Hampton Manor has dining areas that range from the relaxed fine dining experience of Peel’s Restaurant to the wholesome bar food served in the former coach house. 

Before becoming Hampton Manor’s head chef in 2013, Ryan Swift worked in renowned restaurants such as The Royal Garden Hotel Kensington, Chapters Restaurants in London, Lords of the Manor, Hambleton Hall and Mallory Court. Although Swift had used Vitamix blenders in the past, the kitchen equipment he inherited at Hampton Manor did not include a Vitamix machine. He quickly realised that his existing blender “just didn’t deliver the same level of smoothness I was used to from the Vitamix.” 

Now Swift and his team of twelve have a passion for creating fresh, seasonal food that delivers intense, yet uncomplicated flavours and creative textures—something that wasn’t easily achieved without a Vitamix machine. “I now have a new Vita-Prep 3 for our prep area and am very happy with the quality of blend it produces time after time,” says Swift.

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