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Duncan Cruickshanks, Head Chef at the Hospital Club

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Duncan Cruickshanks, Head Chef at the Hospital Club, relies on the Vita-Prep® 3 to deliver unparalleled performance when creating the dishes on his “Best of British” menu.

Vitamix machines can cater for an array of culinary needs—from chopping to puréeing, and so much more—making it an essential tool in every fine restaurant kitchen.

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Enhancing the Season's Best Ingredients


Chef Cruickshanks needed to achieve the finest blends and textures in his diverse menu of classic British fare and not-so-familiar dishes.


Having experienced firsthand the power and precision of Vitamix machines in kitchens around the world, Cruickshanks chose the Vita-Prep® 3 for the restaurant in the Hospital Club.


The Vita-Prep® 3 brings out the natural flavours of his seasonal, locally-sourced ingredients and consistently delivers the perfect texture for every dish.

Chef Duncan Cruickshanks’ career spans nearly two decades, during which he has worked in a variety of fine dining restaurants around the world. From Alaska to Dubai and France to New York, Cruickshanks’ culinary expertise is a result of many years working in prominent positions such as Sole Charge, Head Chef, and Chef Tournant. It was in these positions that he began working with Vitamix machines.

Now, as Head Chef of the members-only Hospital Club, Cruickshanks uses the Vita-Prep® 3 for everything from food prep to creating velvety smooth soups and textured pesto sauce. “I see the Vitamix blender as an essential tool in a kitchen,” says Cruickshanks. “We can create all sorts of things in there.” 

The Hospital Club’s restaurant is unmistakably British, as Chef Cruickshanks uses locally-sourced produce and suppliers to enhance his menu’s appeal. Thanks to the Vitamix machine, the season’s best produce can be puréed, blended or chopped, maximising flavour and texture and delivering consistent results time and again. “This blender brings a whole new level of versatility, as well as quality assurance, to our ingredient preparations.”

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