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Paul Turner, commercial manager of food service at MDC Foods, uses Vitamix machines to create unique smoothie combinations for catering outlets.

Vitamix partners with numerous foodservice wholesalers to help them capitalise on growing market trends, including smoothie and frozen dessert segments.

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Inspiring Innovation in the Smoothie Segment


MDC Foods needed a way to offer its customers greater added value through its range of frozen fruit and vegetable ingredients, and saw the growing smoothie market as a great opportunity.


Paul Turner introduced the speed and precision of a Vitamix blender to the company’s demonstration kitchen, providing a way to maximise potential in the smoothie category for coffee shop customers.


The Quiet One® from Vitamix is now used in product development at MDC Foods to test an extensive range of new smoothie flavours made from their frozen ingredients—16 new flavours to date.

Commercial manager of food service at MDC Foods, Paul Turner’s love of quality food stretches back to his management training days at the Savoy Hotel in 1977. Paul gained valuable knowledge of the foodservice industry by working in hotels and running his own restaurant, eventually landing a job at MDC Foods, where he plays a key role in supplying fresh produce to restaurants and hotels countrywide. 

As a link between food producers and the catering sector, Paul believes MDC Foods is ideally placed in regards to determining what the market wants and delivering the right products at the right price. He explains, “Our ability to innovate in response to market demands has been a key part of our growth over recent years. We are always looking to give customers what they want … At present, our coffee shop customers want to maximise the possibilities of providing an increased range of smoothies, and we have been responding to this with excellent results.”

Paul explains how partnering with Vitamix has allowed his company to create new smoothie blends and offer their customers more choices of mixes, which “are now available in individual, portion-controlled bags.” Paul adds, “We are continuing to test new product concepts with The Quiet One® Vitamix blender.”

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