We hear a lot about "power foods," but we like this simple definition: power foods have the richest amount of nutrients, the least amount of calories, and the most health benefits for your heart.

We've found a list of power foods in the following categories: Fruits, Vegetables, Soya Foods, Protein Foods, Grains, and Legumes, and then gathered some recipes that feature foods from each category (some recipes feature several categories).

Use your Vitamix Blender to try these Power Food Recipes:

Triple Berry Smoothie (Fruit): Strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries provide a triple whammy of berry power and a smooth lavender color.

Apricot Brown Rice Cereal (Grains, Fruits): This whole-grain cereal provides a satisfying start to your day and two power foods for your heart: brown rice and apricots.

Peach Soya Sherbet (Soy Foods, Fruits): So peachy and fine, and rich in two power foods, soyamilk and peaches.

Kale and Leek Soup (Vegetables): Two bold flavors that are softened by sautéing before whirling to creaminess in the Vitamix blender.

Peanut Butter (Protein Foods): Eliminate the additives and sugar and let the flavor shine through in this smooth, pure, natural peanut butter.