Planning to scare your family, friends and broom mates this Halloween? Have the guts to use your Vitamix to create these ghoulishly good Halloween-inspired recipes. Here are five twists on our wicked recipes for you to experiment with, to make superb and spooky treats. Bone appetite!

  1. Snake’s Blood Cranberry Punch (Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic)

    A haunted twist from the Vitamix Cranberry Lime Sparkle. Mix together cranberry juice, fresh cranberries, caster sugar, a lime and ice cubes in your Vitamix container. Once blended, add all ingredients to a large punch bowl. Finish off by placing jelly snakes in and out of the bowl. For adults, enhance your creepy concoction with berry flavoured vodka.

  2. Smouldering Cauldron of Green Brew

    In your Vitamix, blend together our own Kale and Leek Soup recipe to create a hot, glowing green liquid. Add some heated leftover chicken, ham or whatever you have in the fridge, some pre-cooked courgette, mushrooms and basil! Serve immediately with bats wings (tortilla chips).

  3. Spine-Tingling Spider Pizza

    Vitamix gives you the power to conjure up homemade pizza – see our classic recipe here. Why not personalise your pizza for fright night with slices of pepperoni (a spider’s body), small thin slices of black olives (spider’s legs) and tiny spots of olives on the pepperoni (spider’s eyes). Be aware to stay clear of any cobwebs!

  4. Horrid Hummus with Carrot Stick Goblin’s Hand

    If you regularly enjoy making the Vitamix Hummus recipe, freak your family and friends out by creating a goblins hand sticking up through the healthy dish. First, put a small amount of hummus on top of all your baby carrots to make a pointed fingernail. Then place your carrot fingers in the hummus at different lengths to make your goblin’s hand come alive!

  5. Wicked Witch Apple Pie Ice-Scream

    Transform your Vitamix Apple Pie Ice Cream into a witch by placing an ice cream cone upside-down on top of a scoop. Put two chocolate chips on the ice cream for eyes, a jelly sweet for a nose and sweet laces for a mouth and straggly hair. Don’t like Apple Pie? Swap the flavour for venomous Vanilla – one of our favourites. Hurry though, serve and enjoy this pudding before the witch melts!