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Tips for Boosting Protein in Your Smoothie Recipes

01/04/2016 | By: Vitamix

You can enhance your smoothie with a protein boost at breakfast, after a workout, or as a midafternoon snack.

Tags: spinach, smoothie, protein, muscle, energising, cranberry, chia, berry

Recipes to Help You Get Your Five Daily Servings of Fruits and Vegetables

01/03/2016 | By: Vitamix

With your Vitamix machine, it’s easy to pack fruits and veggies into breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in-between snacks.

Tags: antioxidant, protein, juice, beverage, avocado

Top 5 Power Food Recipes

| By: Vitamix

Use your Vitamix Blender to try these Power Food Recipes

Tags: superfood, protein, nutrition, nutrient, energising, calorie

Healthy Snacks on the Go

| By: Vitamix

Life is busy, but you can still eat well, even while on the run to meetings, meeting friends or on the school run. The key is planning ahead, using your Vitamix machine to cut down on prep time.

Tags: granola, protein, on-the-go, easy, family, quick, snack, healthy

Results: 1-4 of 4