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Trick and Treat with 5 Delicious Vitamix Halloween Recipes

13/10/2016 | By: Vitamix

Here are five twists on our wicked recipes for you to experiment with, to make superb and spooky treats. Bone appetite!

Tags: halloween, snack, ice-cream, pizza, cocktail

Allergy-Free School Snacks

01/08/2015 | By: Vitamix

Here are some easy ideas for allergy-free school snacks.

Tags: snack, kid-friendly, granola, family, dairy-free, cleaning, cacao, back-to-school, allergy

6 Low-Calorie Vitamix Snacks

01/08/2015 | By: Vitamix

Find out just how delicious low-calorie snacking can be.

Tags: weight-loss, vegetarian, snack, smoothie, hummus, healthy, dessert, calorie, cheese

Healthy Snacks on the Go

| By: Vitamix

Life is busy, but you can still eat well, even while on the run to meetings, meeting friends or on the school run. The key is planning ahead, using your Vitamix machine to cut down on prep time.

Tags: granola, protein, on-the-go, easy, family, quick, snack, healthy

5 Creative Ideas for Food Prep with Your Kids

| By: Vitamix

Make it easier for your kids to partake in meal prep by following these helpful tips.

Tags: snack, salad, pancake, kid-friendly, family, cookie, breakfast

Power-Packed Smoothie Recipes

| By: Vitamix

When cold weather sets in, it’s time to focus on smoothies that are brimming with antioxidants.

Tags: snack, smoothie, healthy, energising, breakfast, berry, antioxidant

Dinner for Two: Quick and Easy Recipe Ideas

| By: Vitamix

These easy meals for two will have you sitting down to a healthy and delicious supper in no time.

Tags: vegetarian, snack, salad, quick, pasta, entree, easy, dinner, dessert

Results: 1-7 of 7