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Cafés and Coffee Shops

Cafés and Coffee Shops

When the world’s largest coffee chain needed a machine that would quietly blend smooth beverages in all of its 17,000 locations, Vitamix responded with The Quiet One®. 

Vitamix supports businesses of all shapes and sizes in the coffee and beverage industry with customised equipment and recipe development. Our premium materials create consistent, quality blends that protect your brand, while longer-lasting blades and motors protect your bottom line.

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Hear Your Customers, Not your Blenders


Unblended ice chunks in smoothies and frozen coffees did not meet customers’ expectations, while noisy equipment disrupted the atmosphere and made it difficult to take orders.


The Quiet One operates up to four times quieter than the competition and consistently creates smooth, delicious beverages without double blending, meeting the coffee chain’s requirements for speed and precision.


One-hundred percent of the test sites reported noticeable sound improvement, better drink quality, and the ability to create the same, smooth beverage every time.

Patrons visit specialty coffeehouses for two reasons: their unique, delicious drinks and their comfortable, serene atmospheres. Vitamix met with the world’s premier coffee retailer when its existing blending equipment was hindering it from creating either. Speed of service was also suffering as operators were double-blending icy beverages, and the noise level made it difficult to take an accurate order. 

Vitamix engineers set to work customising a machine that would be significantly quieter than anything else on the market, while still delivering the smooth, consistent blends that had established the Vitamix reputation for premium quality. The Quiet One was born. With patented technology, this blender takes the noise level from 78 decibels down to 65—the level of a normal conversation.

During an eight-week field test of The Quiet One, 100 percent of the locations reported noticeable sound improvement and improved drink quality and consistency. The number of beverages with unblended ice chunks went from 35 percent to 0 percent. Blend time also went down, improving speed of service and customers’ overall experience.

Now, no matter which of the leading coffee retailer’s 17,000 locations you find yourself in, you’ll get the same smooth frappé and enjoy it in a peaceful, undisturbed atmosphere. Vitamix can do the same for your business.

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