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Alyn Williams at The Westbury

Fine Dining

Alyn Williams, chef and owner of Alyn Williams at The Westbury, uses Vitamix machines to create variety of dishes in his Michelin-starred restaurant. 

Because a Vitamix machine can accomplish so many tasks, it is a coveted tool for chefs in restaurant kitchens worldwide.

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“No-nonsense" Engineering


Renowned for his modern European cooking, Alyn Williams needed a reliable commercial blender that would not only withstand constant use, but could blend a multitude of ingredients.


Williams uses two Vita-Prep® machines at his restaurant in The Westbury to ensure the superior finish of every meal he creates.


Combining his culinary talents with the versatile Vitamix machine, Williams’ restaurant in The Westbury earned a Michelin star and three AA Rossettes.

Alyn Williams, who inherited his love of food and hospitality from his father, has a career that spans almost three decades. After working with chefs such as David Everitt-Matthias and Michel Perraud, Williams worked in senior positions in the kitchens of Petrus, Claridges, Royal Hospital Road and The Berkeley. 

It wasn’t until Williams spent six years working as a chalet chef in Colorado that he discovered the “no nonsense” approach to the engineering of US kitchen equipment, particularly with the Vitamix machine. Once he returned to the UK, Williams contacted Vitamix to make sure he had a blender in each of his subsequent kitchens.

With his restaurant, Alyn Williams at The Westbury, Williams is able to bring his love of food, flavours and hospitality to Mayfair. Williams and his team use their Vitamix blenders to help create a selection of specialised menus to suit different tastes and budgets. He explains, “Because of the power of Vitamix blenders, I can get a better finish on anything I want to chop, purée or liquidise.”

The machines get plenty of use “for a variety of things,” says Williams. “Thanks to the quality of the blades, I can liquidise roasted red mullet bones into the butter served with our signature dish of red mullet with miso to intensify the marine flavours further.”

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