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New Rush Hall School

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Catering manager Theo Theodosiou relies on the Vitamix XL™ to introduce healthy options and an appreciation for sustainable food sources to the pupils at New Rush Hall School.

Vitamix partners with schools and healthcare facilities throughout the world to make healthy food prep time and cost efficient.

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Providing Healthy Alternatives for the Next Generation


Feeding the 80+ pupils at New Rush Hall School required large-capacity blending equipment that would inspire the students to embrace healthy, whole-food menu items.


The Vitamix XL allows the school’s catering manager to prepare 24 (237-ml) servings in a single blend, powerfully transforming the school’s fruit and vegetable crop into healthy soups, marinades, smoothies and sorbets.


Theodosiou now teaches two cooking lessons a month, and students are eager to try fresh, seasonal produce and have learned how to create healthy meal alternatives for themselves.

Catering Manager Theo Theodosiou serves more than 80 students with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties (BESD) at London’s New Rush Hall School. Beyond meal prep though, he considers his principal challenge to be encouraging the children to experiment with eating healthy foods. He began a programme of education that involved the children trying healthy alternatives to known foods, such as chicken wraps, vegetable noodles and a range of soups and homemade burgers. 

“I am passionate about healthy food and want to communicate this passion to the next generation. With this in mind, we look, where possible, to bring excitement and creativity into the teaching of healthy eating to these children. By introducing the Vitamix XL blender into the kitchen, we can create a wide range of recipes from fresh fruit and vegetables, plus we build a bit of drama into the food preparation process for the students.” 

Theodosiou has expanded his role beyond the kitchen and now teaches two cooking lessons a month, where the students get hands-on experience with preparing food they’ve grown on the school grounds. “Last year, we produced over 30 kilos of both strawberries and raspberries on the school allotment and experimented with a wide range of smoothies and sorbets. I am hoping for a similar amount this year, so we can do even more experimenting with the XL blender.”

Theodosiou uses the Vitamix XL to create soups and marinades for the lunchtime menu and smoothies and sorbets during class demonstrations. He’s added a number of smoothies to his Back to School menu as well. “Creating these smoothies in our Vitamix XL allows us to show the students how amazing fresh fruit can taste and brings the whole process of ‘healthy eating’ to life for them. I have specifically chosen to price the smoothies at a lower cost than normal, so that the children can make healthy choices that don’t cost them the earth.”

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