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London Cocktail Club

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The increasingly popular London Cocktail Clubs rely on the Vitamix BarBoss® Advance® to deliver high-volume blends with quality finishes.

With a full line of beverage blenders that protect speed of service and customer experience, Vitamix develops intuitive, straightforward machines that get results.

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Blending up to 120 Cocktails Each Night with Speed and Precision


Owners of the London Cocktail Clubs struggled to find a blender that could keep up with high footfall, while maintaining the integrity of their signature cocktail menu.


JJ Goodman of the London Cocktail Clubs tested the Vitamix BarBoss Advance on a trial basis at the Shaftesbury Avenue location.


The BarBoss Advance allows the team at The London Cocktail Clubs to minimise wait times by mixing multiple drinks at a time, rather than making them individually by hand.

The London Cocktail Club came into existence following The Restaurant, a 2009 TV Series, where owners JJ Goodman and James Hopkins won the opportunity to collaborate with Chef Raymond Blanc. The key to the company’s success has always been its ability to create amazing taste experiences for its customers. Winner of the 42 Below Cocktail World Cup and recognised as London Club Awards Bartender of the Year, JJ Goodman knows what it takes to make an award-winning cocktail.

From Squid Ink Sours to Bacon and Eggs in a Glass, the team excels at bringing new flavour mixes to its customers. With a high footfall at both the Goodge Street and Shaftesbury Avenue Clubs, JJ Goodman needed a blender that could cope with volume blends, yet consistently deliver high-quality finishes. He had given up thinking that such a machine existed, until he tried the Vitamix BarBoss Advance.

Goodman explains: “In The London Cocktail Clubs, our teams are blending up to 120 cocktails per evening and, although I was using a top branded bar blender, I had just come to expect ‘adequate’, not ‘exceptional’. However, when I tested out the capabilities of the Vitamix BarBoss Advance, the results were amazing. Not only could it cope with crushing ice and high volume orders but the consistency was spot on. Before Vitamix, I thought all blenders were born equal, but I was wrong!”

Using the BarBoss Advance, the team is preparing creative cocktails and delivering them with quick, friendly service. In addition, the machine’s six variable speeds and pulse function allow ingredients to be blended to just the right consistency, whether the order is a Cheese and Pineapple Martini, a classic Strawberry Daiquiri or an increasingly popular frappé-style cocktail. Goodman adds: “I am a hard person to impress, but I love the speed of the BarBoss Advance and the fine shave of ice it achieves.”

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