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Founders of the restaurant chain Giraffe choose Vitamix blenders for the many food and beverage creations on their culturally-diverse menu. 

The versatility of Vitamix machines offers restaurant chains many food preparation options, while maintaining quality and consistency with every blend.

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Efficiency Behind the Bar and in the Kitchen


With a high proportion of drinks to food on its busiest nights, the Giraffe located in Bath needed a blender that could cope with the demands of a busy kitchen.


Giraffe chose The Quiet One®, an ultra-quiet Vitamix machine, strong enough to blend ice for daiquiris and precise enough to create the finest herb purées.


Since opening in 2011, Giraffe Bath has been a key destination for its unique style, warm service and enticing blend of global foods and drinks.

When Juliette and Russel Joffe and Andrew Jacobs decided to open a restaurant in Hampstead, they wanted it to be the kind of place where they could hang out. Now with 47 locations in the UK, Giraffe offers a warm and vibrant venue for freshly cooked food, coffee and cocktails. Inspired by New York’s trendy coffee shops and restaurants, Giraffe Bath seats 110 patrons in its two-story location. 

In addition to busy weekends, Giraffe Bath hosts Monday Music evenings, a popular night for drink sales. Simone Pudney, Giraffe Bath’s bar manager says, “We have anywhere between 1,600 and 2,000 covers a week, and although not wet led, we have a higher proportion of drinks to food on Fridays and Saturdays.”

Pudney explains how she and the head chef, Lucasz Kuciak, rely on the Vitamix blender to keep the bar and kitchen running smoothly: “The Vitamix blender is an essential part of both our kitchen and bar equipment. Without it, there would be a lot of knife work for the chefs, and our bar would be severely limited.” 

The Quiet One® is used daily, according to Pudney. “Lucasz and his team prepare all of the sauces and marinades, and [the Vitamix blender] is then transferred to the bar area for the lunchtime, afternoon and evening drink requirements.”

From house cocktails and smoothies to fresh ginger and chilli pastes, the Vitamix machine plays a vital role in Giraffe’s daily operation, whether it’s behind the bar or in the kitchen.

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