New Generation Vitamix® Professional Series™ 750® - Quieter + Powerful as Ever

NEW ZEALAND — The much-anticipated Vitamix® Professional Series 750™ is now available in New Zealand, giving culinary and whole food enthusiasts the ultimate blending experience. Offering five pre-programmed settings, quieter blending, a compact 2L container, full Variable Speed plus a Pulse feature, the Professional Series 750 delivers advanced, high-performance blending in a new generational, sleek and attractive design that fits under kitchen cabinets.

“The Vitamix is so powerful it blends all the skin and all the pulp. This means less prep for you and you get the full nutritional benefit and fibre of wholefoods,” says Vitamix enthusiast and nutritionist, Megan May, who uses her Vitamix multiple times a day.

“Once you've used a Vitamix no other blender compares. If I could have only one kitchen appliance it would be a Vitamix, my love of Vitamix extends so far we even take it on holiday. Vitamix is a key ingredient in creating the beautiful food we make at the Unbakery, no other blender can create smoothies or raw desserts the way the Viatmix can. Our food really wouldn't be the same without it. We have 4 different models of Vitamix in our kitchen.Using your Vitamix for the first time is like a light bulb moment, you know your life in the kitchen will never be the same, the time it saves you and the quality of the food you can produce in it blew me away.”

Vitamix lives up to its reputation as the leader in professional-grade blender innovation with the Vitamix Professional Series 750, which boasts features such as:

  • Automatic pre-set options. Five pre-programmed settings for Smoothies, Frozen Desserts, Hot Soups, Purée and a Cleaning cycle, mean consistent results and simple cleaning. Fill the container with ingredients, set the dial to a programmed setting and start the machine. It will automatically shut off once the cycle is complete.
  • Manual control. Variable Speed Control that adjusts from 0 to high provides precise control and unlimited processing flexibility. Make cold or steaming hot creations, try chunky or silky-smooth textures – it’s in your control. What’s more, a fully variable Pulse action can be used alone or in tandem with the pre-programmed settings or variable speed control for even greater flexibility. The patented tamper helps you process thick or frozen mixtures with perfect results every time.
  • Powerful as ever. 2.2 peak output horsepower motor.
  • Quieter. Due to enhanced airflow management, the Vitamix Professional Series 750 dramatically reduces noise of the blend by 10 decibels, similar to the Vitamix commercial blenders. The enhanced airflow also improves motor cooling for longer, and more robust blending of even the toughest ingredients.
  • Great design. Its new compact design means the Vitamix Professional Series 750 fits under most kitchen cabinets, so home chefs can keep Vitamix proudly displayed and more readily accessible. The contemporary design of the Professional Series 750 features crisp edges, flowing lines, subtly crowned surfaces and intuitive controls. It comes in a brushed stainless steel finish.
  • Low-profile 2L, BPA-free container features a steel blade and wider base for faster, finer blending and an improved pour spout to provide a quicker, easier pour.

“Vitamix is extremely excited to offer the next generation of blending,” said Jodi Berg, CEO of Vitamix Corporation.

“Our goal was to deliver a machine our customers can’t live without; an advanced blending system that’s so useful they want to use it every single day. With the combined power of the Professional Series 750, the ease-of-use by way of its pre-programmed settings and Variable Speed Control, plus a quieter motor, blending has never been better,” she said.

The Vitamix Professional Series 750 easily takes the place of several kitchen appliances, freeing up valuable countertop space. It features an easy-to-clean, attractive brushed stainless finish on the base.

Pricing & Availability

The Vitamix Professional Series 750 has a recommended retail price of NZ $1595 and is available in select premium retailers nationwide from 1st May 2015. Visit for more information and call 0508 308 102 for stockists.

Each unit includes a new Vitamix Professional Series 750 in brushed stainless steel finish with 2L BPA-free container, an instructional DVD featuring Chef Michael Voltaggio, and a hard-bound cookbook with over 200 recipes. It also comes with a full seven-year warranty.

About Vitamix

VitaMix® Corporation (“Vitamix”) is a privately held family-owned and operated company founded in 1921 that manufactures high-performance blending equipment for home and commercial use. The company’s commercial customer list reads like a “Who’s Who” of major restaurant chains, celebrities and movers and shakers within the health and wellness industry. Gourmet chefs say their Vitamix machines are as important to them as their knives.

A recognised leader in marketing and product innovation, Vitamix founder William G. “Papa” Barnard created the first infomercial in 1949 to demonstrate how the Vitamix blender could help people improve their health with whole foods, and the company developed the first true commercial blender in the early 1990s, which ignited the smoothie movement.

Vitamix, whose products are known worldwide for their performance, durability, and reliability, continues to win awards for product innovation and is a recipient of the president’s prestigious “E” Award for Exports. Headquartered in Olmsted Township, Ohio, 19 miles from Cleveland, Vitamix products are manufactured in Northeast Ohio and sold in approximately 100 countries.