Superfoods are any food with great health benefits, or high amounts of nutrients.

They are so easy to incorporate into your diet: they can be used to add flavour to recipes, replace ingredients, or supplement your meals to increase the nutrient content.

The easiest way to use superfoods is to combine various types in your morning smoothies to make it extra nutritious, and of course, even more delicious!

But in my opinion, the best way to have your superfoods is in 'treats'. It's crazy to think that you can make treats at home that are super nutritious and still taste like you're indulging.

One of my all-time favourite superfoods is raw cacao powder. To put it simply, it's the raw form of chocolate that hasn't been cooked, processed, and stripped of nutrients. It tastes a lot richer, and more bitter, which is how I love my chocolate.

Raw cacao also has double the antioxidants of cocoa powder, which has been roasted. Adding this to your chocolate recipes (instead of cocoa powder) means you can still indulge in chocolate, with the added benefit of antioxidants and minerals.

Here is a really easy and delicious recipe using cacao powder that I love creating, storing in the freezer and enjoying with my tea before bed:

Raw Berry Bites

Basically these are what I would call 'raw cookies'. Made from nuts, dates, super berries, and of course; cacao. These love bites are little beautifying superfood bombs! Packed with antioxidants in the super berries and cacao! I've used a combination of maqui, goji, raspberry, and cranberries. Whatever berry combination you want to use, they will be delicious.

Maqui berry is a superfood, believed to have the highest antioxidant amount in any known fruit. Goji, raspberries and cranberries are also superfoods, high in antioxidants. Plus, the loads of cacao in these give extra antioxidants, iron and magnesium.