Raw Soups in Your Vitamix Machine


Brimming with fresh flavor and nutrients, soups are a favorite way to please your palate. In the Vitamix blender, you can create chunky texture by adding a few chopped vegetables at the end, or make an entirely smooth purée.

Of course, raw does not equal cold. Eat your soup chilled, at room temperature, or slightly warmed, all determined by the amount of time you blend.

Soups prepared according to direction in the Vitamix blender will remain raw, retaining valuable enzymes. Our raw soups are blended for two minutes or less, not long enough to rise above the temperature of 104° Fahrenheit.

These and other raw soups can be found in the Live Fresh recipe book.

  • Japanese Miso-Shiitake Soup: Rich, salty miso and shiitake mushrooms are snapped up with ginger and garlic and garnished with scallions in this satisfying soup, developed by award-winning cookbook author and YouTube cooking show celebrity Ani Phyo.
  • Mediterranean Soup: The sunny flavors of the Mediterranean are on display in this raw soup, developed by raw food chef, teacher and researcher Victoria Boutenko.

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