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  • Tamper Holder
  • Tamper Holder Environmental C Series
  • Tamper Holder G-Series
  • Tamper Holder G-Series Environmental


Store your Vitamix machine and tamper in one place with the Legacy Series Tamper Holder. Designed for use with all C-Series and G-Series machines, the Tamper Holder conveniently attaches to the Vitamix motor base and provides easy access to your tamper while blending.

What comes in the box

C-Series Tamper Holder Frame
Tamper Holder C-Series Frame
G- Series Tamper Holder Frame
Tamper Holder G-Series Frame
Tamper Holder Arm
Tamper Holder Detachable Arm

Product Specifications

Compatibility: C-Series and G-Series Machines

Dimensions: C-Series: 8.5" L x 6" H x 5" W / G-Series: 9"L x 6.75"H x 6.5"W

Material: BPA-free plastic

Care: Dishwasher Safe, top rack

Manufacturer: Vitamix – Cleveland, Ohio USA

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