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5 Surprising Benefits of Seltzer Water

01/31/2017 | By: Marygrace Taylor

Here are five surprising reasons to love and drink seltzer water.

Tags: hydration, beverage, healthy

Savory Flavors Your Blender Can Whip Up

01/30/2017 | By: Maria Ushakova

Here are creative ways to boost the savory flavors of your meals.

Category: Exploration Tags: sauce, homemade, herbs, dressing

The Best Pre- and Post-Workout Smoothies

01/27/2017 | By: Jonathan Thompson

Before and after you exercise, try one of these workout smoothies.

Tags: smoothie, healthy, energizing, active

5 Butter Substitute Options

01/27/2017 | By: Maria Ushakova

Here are five butter substitute options to try.

Tags: whole-food, vegan, nutrition, dairy-free, butter

Health Benefits of Chia Seeds and Creative Ways to Use Them

01/25/2017 | By: Maria Ushakova

Here are some of the benefits of chia seeds and how you can consume them.

Tags: superfood, nutrition, chia, healthy

How to Make an Acai Bowl at Home

01/24/2017 | By: Shanna Mallon

You can make your own acai bowl at home by following this basic formula.

Tags: whole-food, smoothie, nutrition, homemade, healthy, breakfast

Apple Cider Vinegar: What's with the Hype?

01/23/2017 | By: Christina Manian, RDN, LD

Here's a bit about the benefits and risks of apple cider vinegar.

Tags: vinaigrette, nutrition, healthy

Types of Water Bottles and How to Choose

01/18/2017 | By: Shanna Mallon

Here's a guide to the many types of water bottles available today.

Tags: on-the-go, hydration, durability, container

Exploring the Benefits of Bone Broth

01/16/2017 | By: Christina Manian, RDN, LD

Here's a bit on the benefits and potential risks of bone broth.

Tags: soup, nutrition, energizing, healthy

17 Unique Features In Vitamix Ascentâ„¢ Series Blenders

01/16/2017 | By: Vitamix

Learn all about the new Ascentâ„¢ Series blenders from Vitamix, and discover 17 things you can do with these high-performance machines.

Tags: cleaning, durability

Sore Muscle Relief: How Sore Is Too Sore to Work Out?

01/13/2017 | By: Jonathan Thompson

Here's when to skip your workout and focus on sore muscle relief instead.

Tags: muscle, exercise, durability, active

Strength Training for Runners: Why You Should Hit the Weights

01/06/2017 | By: Christine Yu

Here are five reasons why strength training for runners is crucial.

Tags: running, muscle, exercise, active

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