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5 Simple Healthy Foods You Shouldn't Ignore

06/01/2016 | By: Maria Ushakova

The article explores the health benefits of five simple healthy foods.

Tags: whole-food, sweet-potato, nutrition, nutrient, healthy-fat, healthy, fish, fiber, applesauce, apple, antioxidant

Recipes to Make with Your Apple-Picking Leftovers

01/19/2016 | By: Vitamix

No fruit says autumn like a ripe, sweet apple.

Tags: salsa, leftovers, ice-cream, autumn, applesauce, apple

Best Pies for the Fall

10/01/2015 | By: Vitamix

Dust off your apron and ready your rolling pin—these are a few of the best pies for fall.

Tags: sweet-potato, squash, pumpkin, pie, cherry, baking, autumn, apple

How to Use Applesauce as a Sugar Substitute

| By: Vitamix

Simple substitutions, such as learning how to use applesauce as a sugar substitute in your favorite recipes, can make maintaining a healthy lifestyle easy.

Tags: cinnamon, calorie, sugar-substitute, nutrition, healthy, apple

Holiday Smoothie Recipes

| By: Vitamix

It’s a great time of year to change up your go-to smoothie recipes with seasonal fruits and veggies.

Tags: healthy for the holidays, sweet-potato, smoothie, produce, pear, nutrient, healthy, cranberry, christmas, beet, apple

Sweet and Healthy Apple Recipes for Fall

| By: Vitamix

Enjoy one of autumn's favorite fruits by juicing or baking

Tags: sauce, apple, juice, fiber, baking, autumn

6 Tasty Ways to Use Your Apple Leftovers

| By: Vitamix

Autumn brings apples in startling numbers, from heirloom varieties at the farmer's market to batches from family picking outings. Here are six tasty ways to use your apple leftovers.

Tags: smoothie, juice, dessert, autumn, applesauce, apple

Results: 1-8 of 8