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Digital Detox: It's Time to Put Down Your Phone

06/27/2016 | By: Shanna Mallon

Here's how to take a break from constant connection with a digital detox.

Tags: mood, healthy, cleanse

Kimberly Snyder's 5 Favorite Vitamix Recipes

02/01/2015 | By: Vitamix

Here are Kimberly Snyder’s five favorite recipes for the Vitamix, from her book The Beauty Detox Solution.

Tags: smoothie, vegan, raw, nutrition, nut, healthy, green-smoothie, dressing, cleanse, chia, beauty

Homemade Beauty Tricks You Can Steal from Your Kitchen

| By: Vitamix

You can easily – and inexpensively – maintain clear skin and healthy, hair with a few simple homemade beauty tricks you can steal from your kitchen.

Tags: nut, butter, vitamin, spinach, kale, honey, homemade, healthy, green-smoothie, coconut, cleanse, beauty, banana, avocado

Results: 1-3 of 3